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Special training of medical doctors who take care of seafarers and international postgraduate training courses in maritime occupational health for doctors have already been conducted.

International Maritime Health Association


IMHA - http://imha.net
IMHA Quality - http://www.imhaquality.net
IMH (International Maritime Health) - http://www.intmarhealth.pl/
Textbook of Maritime Medicine - http://textbook.ncmm.no
Ship Medical Facilities - http://www.ncmm.no/publications/guidance
ISMH12 (International Symposium on Maritime Health) - http://www.ismh12.org
Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine - http://www.ncmm.no/imha
Spanish Society of Maritime Medicine - http://www.semm.org/IMHA
BG Verkehr - http://www.bg-verkehr.de/ship-safety-division/maritime-medical-service
Société Française de Médecine Maritime - http://www.mersante.com/
ILO/IMO Working Group - http://www.ilo.org/sector/activities/sectoral-meetings/WCMS_162319/lang--en/index.htm
ILO/IMO Guidelines - http://www.avamedica.ro/imha/ILO_IMO_Guidelines_2011.pdf
CHKS - http://www.chks.co.uk/
Master in Maritime Health - http://www.avamedica.ro/imha/Master_in_Maritime_Health_Cadiz.pdf