We care about your crew

Special training of medical doctors who take care of seafarers and international postgraduate training courses in maritime occupational health for doctors have already been conducted.

Maritime Medicine

The field of interest of Maritime medicine partly overlaps with occupational medicine, tropical medicine, and travel medicine. The studies of health problems of shipyard workers and dockers may also be included in this chapter of medical science.


Whether you travel for pleasure or business, you want to make it without bad experiences. More than that, you do not want to get ill. That is why you should consider the exposure to infectious agents. read more...

Travel Medicine

We always want to be healthy in any moment of our live and even more during a journey. Immunization is one of the most important protection against severe infectious diseases. read more...


We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of maritime medicine and during this period we got an important percent of the market and we developed solid and sustainable commercial relations with some of the best players in the crewing & shipping market.

Maritime Medicine Expert


Daniela David-Diculescu

Active Member at ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine) General Manager at DOCTOR 3D, Active member at IMHA (International Maritime Health Association) Constantza County, Romania